MSJ provides a full range of architectural services for projects that range from modest home extensions to larger and spatially complex flats and new builds. From feasibility studies to full construction design services, we have advised an extensive range of domestic and commercial clients on architectural aspects of building work in a variety of new builds, renovations and refurbishments of commercial and residential properties.

Each project we undertake starts with fresh and strong understanding of clients brief, context and budget. We combine a sensitive approach to contemporary architecture with knowledge and understanding of historical buildings. Working closely with Structural Engineers enables us to create imaginative, practical and sustainable architecture that is sensitive to its surrounding and which fulfils our clients’ ambition.

Civil & Structural Engineering

MSJ provides a full range of civil and structural engineering services. We work with Architects, Commercial Developers , Private Clients and Specialist Contractors and Manufacturers. Our projects vary from minor alterations and extensions, through new build and commercial refurbishments, to marine installations and docking solutions.

Our focus is on integrated design, not design in isolation. Working closely with a number of other specialist designers enables us to make a positive contribution in the early stages of design, when good engineering input can help achieve contextual, imaginative, elegant and cost effective.

Additionally, we offer finite element analysis (FEA) based structural design which enables us to customise and automate your simulations, and parameterise them to analyse multiple design scenarios. This enables us to optimise our structural design making it economical and sustainable.

Building Consultancy

Party Wall

Party Wall etc. Act 1996 defines the rights of owners in situations when work on one property affects the adjacent or adjoining properties. Adherence to correct Party Wall procedures and detailing ensures the smooth contractual process, whilst providing for best utilisation of space in a most cost effective fashion. We can advise on architectural and structural implications of proposed works in relation to the Act.

We can also act as the Appointed Surveyor, for the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner.

Temporary Works and Demolitions

We can act as Temporary Works designers.  Our extensive experience in both permanent and temporary works designs enables us to find the most time and cost effective solutions which maximise utilisation of permanent structures in temporary conditions, and therefore provide for temporary works with an absolute minimum of sacrificial structures or processes.
We also provide consultancy on Demolition Works.  By analysing the existing permanent structures we can provide guidance on the most time and cost effective methods of dismantling the existing structures.

Structural Surveys

We have carried out numerous Structural Surveys acting on behalf of lenders in relation to purchases of properties, as well as reviewed prospective purchases for private or commercial clients for their final assurances prior to completion of contracts.

Expert Witness, Forensic Surveys, Failed Structures, Fire Damage

We have been involved in numerous legal disputes as Expert Witnesses, acting on behalf of Claimants or Defendants alike. Our reports are to the point and fully compliant with CPR. We have also provided advice to legal teams in numerous instances of failed structures, fire related destruction, contractors’ failures to perform due to non-adherence to specifications etc.

Firefighting and Troubleshooting

Building Operations occasionally run into difficulties. A building collapses or catches fire; planning permission is just about to expire; contractor walks off the project or goes into liquidation; parties become entrenched and works stop; major reduction or expansion of contract has to be incorporated into a tight programme schedule on a live contract.
With our extensive experience in Architecture, Structure, Party Walls, Contract Administration, Construction and other related disciplines we have helped Clients in numerous such situations find the most time effective and cost effective way of cutting through obstacles and getting the project back on track at full speed.